• Maintaining our sense of good and evil (ethics) based on Christian teachings without faith in Christianity makes no sense.
  • Elites justifying lip service to these traditional ideas of right and wrong ethics are leaving the wider society directionless and open to disaster.
  • Connecting with the…

  • You cannot reach the essence of a person through analysis, the ‘I’ is not just an it
  • It is meaningful to say that something is true but only for me
  • One may compare Kierkegaard’s knight of faith with the…
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  • Sikh legal theory must be based on principles, such as feminism and an inclusive attitude for one humanity that is embedded in scripture as well as religious practice.
  • The Khalsa republic established in 1699 has institutions for self-governance. The Sarbat Khalsa is a direct democracy…

Ranvir Singh

Writer, activist. Architect para 67 of UN Declaration Against Racism 2001, introduced 'worldviews' in UK RE education. PhD International Studies, FCollT, FCIEA

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